Every betta fish needs a tank to call their own. It doesn’t need to be huge, but they do appreciate some decorations in their home! You can decorate your betta’s tank with plants, rocks, and other water-safe items. They also love to have things in their tank that they can hide behind, like plants or rocks.

Bettas don’t need a lot of decoration, but they do love to have things in their tank that they can hide behind. They enjoy having plants and rocks, or if you want to get more creative with your betta’s environment there are other toys you can add!

Before we start these are the things Betta fish do not like:

Sharp rocks and objects

Betta fish like to play, but not when they can cut themselves or get their fins caught in sharp corners. Steer clear of all stones that look jagged and try to avoid decorations with pointy ends as well!

Fish nets

It might be tempting to use a fish net when you are cleaning your betta’s tank, but fishes with long tails can get caught in the webbing. This makes it easy for them to injure themselves or tear their fins!


When you have a large betta fish, it will swim in the same space as other smaller fishes. This can cause your larger betta to feel threatened by his tank mates and attack them! If you must add another small fish into the mix, be sure they are either hardier than your Betta or less likely to be attacked.

So now that we know what our bettas do not like, let’s look at some of the things they can enjoy!

Here are 7 ways you can make your betta happy:


Betta fish appreciate lots of plants in their tank. They can hide from other bettas and predators, as well as simply giving them a place to relax! Try using live or silk plants that are safe for your Betta’s environment. Just be sure not to use any kind of plant with sharp leaves since they could injure your betta’s delicate fins.

Moss Ball

Adding a moss ball to your betta’s tank is an easy way to give them some cover! These plants are commonly used in aquariums and they come with all kinds of different species. They also help clean the water a bit by removing ammonia from the air, so you can feel good about helping out your fishy friend while decorating their home!


Most bettas enjoy having some sort of cave they can retreat to when they are feeling threatened or stressed out! There are many different caves you can find in stores, but your Betta might also like a clay pot turned upside down or even something as simple as an old coffee mug. Just be sure whatever you give your betta is smooth on the inside so they do not get stuck or injured.


Bettas love laying on stones! Some stores sell smooth, flat river rocks that are perfect for your betta to lay out on. These can be expensive though, so you might actually have some cleaner stones lying around the house already! Be sure not to use any sharp or jagged pieces of stone since they could hurt your Betta.


Driftwood is a great decoration for your betta’s tank. Not only does it look unique and natural, but they can also hide underneath the wood to get away from other fish in their environment. Just be sure not to use any driftwood that has been painted or treated. These chemicals can be bad for your fish.

Also try not to pick driftwood with twiggy or jagged edges, as these can tear your betta’s fins.

Cleaning and Soaking driftwood:

Soak your driftwood in water for at least 24 hours before you place it in your fish tank. This will make sure the wood is not releasing any chemicals harmful to fish.

Clean off any dirt, leaves, or bugs on the wood with a toothbrush and dish soap (any kind of soap should work).

Be sure to clean off any soap residue with water after you have placed the driftwood in your tank.


Betta fish also get a kick out of playing with toys! There are many different types you can purchase to keep your Betta entertained. Just be sure not to use any kind of toy that is too small or could break off and become harmful in the tank.

Floating Logs

Some betta fish love having a floating log to lay on! Floating logs can be found in many pet stores, and also make great toys for your Betta. Make sure not to pick any kind of wood that has been treated or painted as it could harm your fish.

You can also create an “artificial” floating log for your betta tank by using an old piece of driftwood. Just drill several holes in it, run some string through the wood and attach weights on either side so that it will float near the surface of the water!

Just make sure to clean off any dirt or debris before placing this decoration into your fish’s aquarium.

Sinking Logs

A second option for toys are sinking logs that your Betta can rest on. Again, make sure to use only untreated or natural woods so they do not release any chemicals harmful to your fish!

You can also create a fun “toy” using an old piece of driftwood by drilling several holes in it and placing weights on either side. Let your betta have a blast swimming in and out of the holes!


Some betta fish love having a mirror to look at themselves with! Mirrors can be purchased in some pet stores, or you could also use a shiny surface like glass from an old picture frame. Just make sure that this is smooth on the inside so your Betta does not get hurt.


You can also create your own mirror for the tank by getting a smooth piece of glass from an old picture frame and attaching it to the inside of your fish’s aquarium with silicone. Just be sure that there are no jagged edges or points on the glass, as this could harm your Betta!


Final Thoughts

Bettas are very active fish that love to play and explore the different decorations in their environment. Just make sure not to use any sharp or rough decorations, as these could hurt your betta. They also enjoy a variety of toys from logs to floating rings! So mix it up for them with whatever items you have lying around the house or purchase new toys from your local pet store.

Most betta fish will enjoy the decorations above, but there are also many other options available! Just be sure to research what type of decoration would work best for your specific betta so it does not get hurt or sick.

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